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My favorite activity that we did this year was where we ate in the classroom because I like eating. That was an activity, so don’t get mad I put this. And also when you read to us because when I read, I get bored.

My least favorite activity was when we had to write essays or had to write in our springboards because it was a one person project and you need a team to get things done. That and it was really boring.

An activity that I learned most from was that four square activity where we did the thesis, claim and all that. I learned most from that because it helped me get started on what we were writing about.

Something that I learned that I didn’t expect to learn was the fact that I learned about other cultures because we are in English class and I thought we would learn more about writing.

Something that I wanted to learn was the difference between then and than. It always confuses me because they’re so similar.

Something that best prepared me for the TAKS test was reading and working in this class to prepare me for the test.

What best prepared me for English next year is I dunno, because I don’t have next year’s English yet.

My favorite thing that we’ve read this year was probably Ender’s Game because it was a really interesting book to me and it makes me want to read all the other books that come after it.



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5th 6 Weeks – Blog #2

What has happened in the book so far is that first there was a killing. Someone from another village kills one of the village’s children and the people from the other village give up a female and male for sacrifice. The female went to the father of the child that was murdered and they placed the male with Okonkwo, the main character. The child’s name was Ikemefuna. Okonkwo raised him like a son and all the children came to love him. A few years later, the village remembers the purpose of Ikemfuna coming to the village and so they take him to the woods and Okonkwo kills him, despite his friend warning him not to take place. Okonkwo’s eldest son grows to despise his father and Okonkwo becomes depressed. Okonkwo wished his favorite daughter would be a girl. There is a wedding and Okonkwo is one of the people to help out and they have their routine ceremony and what not. Okonkwo’s favorite daughter becomes ill and he gives her medicine. The village’s priestess or whatever comes in the middle of the night and takes his favorite daughter out of nowhere and the wife follows to make sure nothing happens to her because that is her only child. They stop at the sacred shrine or something like that and the mother waits there when Okonkwo comes out of nowhere. The priestess and the daughter come out and they walk home while Okonkwo and the wife follow behind. In the book, there is also a ceremony for someone who died. Okonkwo joins in the ceremony and accidentally kills a child with his gun and has to leave his village for seven year. That’s about the jist of the book. (288)

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5th 6 Weeks – Blog #1

What I think is going to happen to Okonkwo and his family now that he’s moved to his motherland and in with his mother’s family is that they will have a hard time starting all over in a new place and have to make new friends.

I think Okonkwo will be unhappy living there and will want to go back to his home. I also think that Okonkwo will start out having it rough there, but then become successful and such like back in his home village. Okonkwo should live a life of a king, but he has to control his anger first. I’m sure the people of his mother land will make him a commander of an army or something, they’re probably going to turn to him in a time of need and he will save everyone in the village and become a great hero to all that live there. He will be admired and they will build a great statue made out of ivory in his honor.

I think Okonkwo might make it back to his home if he is to behave himself and apologize to the people and the families for accidentally killing the child. I think he should pay for the funeral of the death of the child and make amends by sacrificing something to the people and the family. If Okonkwo doesn’t make it back to his hometown, I will be sad. I want him to go back there because he was such a star there and he ruined everything, by accident might I add.



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Ch. 12 and 13 HeLa

Ch. 12

3. Mary realized that Henrietta was a real person and the timing of the realization was ironic because Henrietta was already dead on the table and they were taking samples from her body.

5. What Henrietta was trying to say was that something wasn’t right and the doctors were doing something that wasn’t right.

Ch. 13

2. The unusual characteristics of HeLa cells made them ideal for use in the polio vaccine trials were the fact that the HeLa cells grew so fast and grew so many that they had enough to try it on the cells and do multiple trials before they gave it to the people.

5. Viruses inject their DNA into a cell and reprograms the cell to produce the virus instead of itself. The fact that HeLa cells are malignant make them particularly useful in the study of viruses because it grows much faster than normal cells, it produces results much faster.

6. The development  of methods of freezing cells was an important scientific breakthrough because it was then possible to send cells around the world, researchers could store cells without having to keep them fed and sterile, and they could also suspend cells in various states of being.

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Ch. 11 HeLa

1. The progression of Henrietta’s cancer in the right months between her diagnosis and her death was drastic. It started from a little tumor on her cervix to her whole insides became like a womb filled with tumors.

2. Doctors stopped giving Henrietta blood transfusions because she needed so much blood that the blood bank just couldn’t support her blood needs.

4. Henrietta’s final request was for her sister to take care of her family. It tells me that even after so much pain, she still worries and cares about her family.

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Ch. 9 and 10 HeLa

Ch. 9

2. Turner station back when Henrietta was a child and Turner Station in 1999 is very different. Back when Henrietta was young, it was friendly, not so secluded, and not that bad. When Skloot was there, it was secluded, small, and bad.

4. Ms. Speed is someone who was interviewed by a man about Henrietta’s family and life. She wants to make a museum for Henrietta and to help out the family.

7. Skloot realizes after watching the BBC documentary that she can go to Lacks Town to ask her family about Henrietta and her cells.

Ch. 10

1. The idiom “the other side of the tracks” means the Lacks side of town.

3. Cootie’s relation to Henrietta was her first cousin.

5. Cootie thinks that the reason HeLa cells were used to develop polio vaccines was because as a child, Henrietta always took care of cootie because of his polio and when Henrietta died, her cells helped save many with polio because Henrietta knew how much Cootie struggled with it that she wanted to help others.

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HeLa Ch. 8

2. Henrietta’s doctors reacted to intuitive conviction that  the cancer was spreading inside her bitterly. From the notes they took of her reactions to the treatment, I assume they thought she was over reacting.

7. The use of “miserable specimen” by Henrietta’s doctors reveal their attitude toward Henrietta as bitter and uncaring.

9. If Gey did speak to Henrietta just before she died I think that Henrietta probably would have understood what immortal cells meant. Henrietta wasn’t stupid, she probably would have understood with a little explanation. Henrietta deserved to know, after all.

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Ch. 6 & 7

Ch. 6

2. People were doing studies on Syphilis in black men and watched them die when they could have prevented the dying.

3. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study and the Mississippi Appendectomies suggests the the history of the African American’s and medicine is very rough. The white people did cruel studies on them and didn’t even try to save the blacks.

Ch. 7

1. What Gey hoped to accomplish with HeLa cells was a cure for cancer and much more.

2. HeLa allowed to do for the first time was to have immortal cells to study on. It was the basic starting point for studies and cures.

3. Alexis Carrel was an insane scientist who pretended to create an immortal chicken heart and had everyone fooled.

6. An example of propaganda that was used to fuel the public’s fear and distrust of tissue culture was the propaganda with Alexis Carrel.

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Ch. 4&5 HeLa

Ch. 4

1. Some obstacles Gey and his assistants faced were creating a culture medium for keeping the cells alive and fed. All the cells kept dying until Henrietta’s cells appeared.

2.The name HeLa came from the first two letters of Henrietta’s first name and the first two letters of Henrietta’s last name.

3.Three adjectives that describe Gey’s personality are energetic, childish, creative.

6. I don’t think that Gey’s choice to give away samples of HeLa cells was a good idea because his colleagues could go sell the cells or something.

Ch. 5

6. I think that Henrietta initially chose not to tell people about her cancer diagnosis because she didn’t want them to worry. This tells me that Henrietta’s personality is the kind that hides things to not let people worry. She worries more about other people than herself.

7. The important information that Henrietta’s doctor failed to give her before starting her cancer treatment was that she would be unable to have children when the treatment started. Henrietta reacted to this information terribly.

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Ch. 2 & 3 HeLa

Ch . 2

3. Day was Henrietta’s cousin.

4. I like the part where Skloot talks about Henrietta’s childhood playing in the fields. Skloot gives such good imagery and it reminds me of the times that I use to go out into the country with my family and play.

10. The working conditions of the black people compared to the white people were worse. The black people did crummy jobs that the white people didn’t want and they did it with very little pay.

Ch. 3


4.Doctors used patients as medical research subjects without getting their consent because those patients get treated for free and the doctors thought that they deserved getting research out of them. I disagree with this because they are using people and not even letting them know any of this.

9. I believe that TeLinde and Guy do not have the right to obtain a sample from Henrietta’s cervix because it does not state anywhere that they were to do that in the surgery.


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