Ch. 4&5 HeLa

Ch. 4

1. Some obstacles Gey and his assistants faced were creating a culture medium for keeping the cells alive and fed. All the cells kept dying until Henrietta’s cells appeared.

2.The name HeLa came from the first two letters of Henrietta’s first name and the first two letters of Henrietta’s last name.

3.Three adjectives that describe Gey’s personality are energetic, childish, creative.

6. I don’t think that Gey’s choice to give away samples of HeLa cells was a good idea because his colleagues could go sell the cells or something.

Ch. 5

6. I think that Henrietta initially chose not to tell people about her cancer diagnosis because she didn’t want them to worry. This tells me that Henrietta’s personality is the kind that hides things to not let people worry. She worries more about other people than herself.

7. The important information that Henrietta’s doctor failed to give her before starting her cancer treatment was that she would be unable to have children when the treatment started. Henrietta reacted to this information terribly.

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