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My favorite activity that we did this year was where we ate in the classroom because I like eating. That was an activity, so don’t get mad I put this. And also when you read to us because when I read, I get bored.

My least favorite activity was when we had to write essays or had to write in our springboards because it was a one person project and you need a team to get things done. That and it was really boring.

An activity that I learned most from was that four square activity where we did the thesis, claim and all that. I learned most from that because it helped me get started on what we were writing about.

Something that I learned that I didn’t expect to learn was the fact that I learned about other cultures because we are in English class and I thought we would learn more about writing.

Something that I wanted to learn was the difference between then and than. It always confuses me because they’re so similar.

Something that best prepared me for the TAKS test was reading and working in this class to prepare me for the test.

What best prepared me for English next year is I dunno, because I don’t have next year’s English yet.

My favorite thing that we’ve read this year was probably Ender’s Game because it was a really interesting book to me and it makes me want to read all the other books that come after it.



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