Ch. 2 & 3 HeLa

Ch . 2

3. Day was Henrietta’s cousin.

4. I like the part where Skloot talks about Henrietta’s childhood playing in the fields. Skloot gives such good imagery and it reminds me of the times that I use to go out into the country with my family and play.

10. The working conditions of the black people compared to the white people were worse. The black people did crummy jobs that the white people didn’t want and they did it with very little pay.

Ch. 3


4.Doctors used patients as medical research subjects without getting their consent because those patients get treated for free and the doctors thought that they deserved getting research out of them. I disagree with this because they are using people and not even letting them know any of this.

9. I believe that TeLinde and Guy do not have the right to obtain a sample from Henrietta’s cervix because it does not state anywhere that they were to do that in the surgery.


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