Ch. 6 & 7

Ch. 6

2. People were doing studies on Syphilis in black men and watched them die when they could have prevented the dying.

3. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study and the Mississippi Appendectomies suggests the the history of the African American’s and medicine is very rough. The white people did cruel studies on them and didn’t even try to save the blacks.

Ch. 7

1. What Gey hoped to accomplish with HeLa cells was a cure for cancer and much more.

2. HeLa allowed to do for the first time was to have immortal cells to study on. It was the basic starting point for studies and cures.

3. Alexis Carrel was an insane scientist who pretended to create an immortal chicken heart and had everyone fooled.

6. An example of propaganda that was used to fuel the public’s fear and distrust of tissue culture was the propaganda with Alexis Carrel.

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