5th 6 Weeks – Blog #1

What I think is going to happen to Okonkwo and his family now that he’s moved to his motherland and in with his mother’s family is that they will have a hard time starting all over in a new place and have to make new friends.

I think Okonkwo will be unhappy living there and will want to go back to his home. I also think that Okonkwo will start out having it rough there, but then become successful and such like back in his home village. Okonkwo should live a life of a king, but he has to control his anger first. I’m sure the people of his mother land will make him a commander of an army or something, they’re probably going to turn to him in a time of need and he will save everyone in the village and become a great hero to all that live there. He will be admired and they will build a great statue made out of ivory in his honor.

I think Okonkwo might make it back to his home if he is to behave himself and apologize to the people and the families for accidentally killing the child. I think he should pay for the funeral of the death of the child and make amends by sacrificing something to the people and the family. If Okonkwo doesn’t make it back to his hometown, I will be sad. I want him to go back there because he was such a star there and he ruined everything, by accident might I add.



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