Ch. 12 and 13 HeLa

Ch. 12

3. Mary realized that Henrietta was a real person and the timing of the realization was ironic because Henrietta was already dead on the table and they were taking samples from her body.

5. What Henrietta was trying to say was that something wasn’t right and the doctors were doing something that wasn’t right.

Ch. 13

2. The unusual characteristics of HeLa cells made them ideal for use in the polio vaccine trials were the fact that the HeLa cells grew so fast and grew so many that they had enough to try it on the cells and do multiple trials before they gave it to the people.

5. Viruses inject their DNA into a cell and reprograms the cell to produce the virus instead of itself. The fact that HeLa cells are malignant make them particularly useful in the study of viruses because it grows much faster than normal cells, it produces results much faster.

6. The development  of methods of freezing cells was an important scientific breakthrough because it was then possible to send cells around the world, researchers could store cells without having to keep them fed and sterile, and they could also suspend cells in various states of being.

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