Ch. 9 and 10 HeLa

Ch. 9

2. Turner station back when Henrietta was a child and Turner Station in 1999 is very different. Back when Henrietta was young, it was friendly, not so secluded, and not that bad. When Skloot was there, it was secluded, small, and bad.

4. Ms. Speed is someone who was interviewed by a man about Henrietta’s family and life. She wants to make a museum for Henrietta and to help out the family.

7. Skloot realizes after watching the BBC documentary that she can go to Lacks Town to ask her family about Henrietta and her cells.

Ch. 10

1. The idiom “the other side of the tracks” means the Lacks side of town.

3. Cootie’s relation to Henrietta was her first cousin.

5. Cootie thinks that the reason HeLa cells were used to develop polio vaccines was because as a child, Henrietta always took care of cootie because of his polio and when Henrietta died, her cells helped save many with polio because Henrietta knew how much Cootie struggled with it that she wanted to help others.

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