5th 6 Weeks – Blog #2

What has happened in the book so far is that first there was a killing. Someone from another village kills one of the village’s children and the people from the other village give up a female and male for sacrifice. The female went to the father of the child that was murdered and they placed the male with Okonkwo, the main character. The child’s name was Ikemefuna. Okonkwo raised him like a son and all the children came to love him. A few years later, the village remembers the purpose of Ikemfuna coming to the village and so they take him to the woods and Okonkwo kills him, despite his friend warning him not to take place. Okonkwo’s eldest son grows to despise his father and Okonkwo becomes depressed. Okonkwo wished his favorite daughter would be a girl. There is a wedding and Okonkwo is one of the people to help out and they have their routine ceremony and what not. Okonkwo’s favorite daughter becomes ill and he gives her medicine. The village’s priestess or whatever comes in the middle of the night and takes his favorite daughter out of nowhere and the wife follows to make sure nothing happens to her because that is her only child. They stop at the sacred shrine or something like that and the mother waits there when Okonkwo comes out of nowhere. The priestess and the daughter come out and they walk home while Okonkwo and the wife follow behind. In the book, there is also a ceremony for someone who died. Okonkwo joins in the ceremony and accidentally kills a child with his gun and has to leave his village for seven year. That’s about the jist of the book. (288)

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