4th 6 Weeks – Blog #3

How I feel about Ikemefuna so far is that I feel like he is a sweet, quiet, protective boy. I feel like Ikemefuna needs to stand up for himself and not be so quiet. I like the fact that Ikemefuna kept some of the children from saying anything about one of the daughters about how the fact that she didn’t care about dropping her pot, but he should have let her suffer the consequences because that is wasting water pots and they shouldn’t do that. How Ikemefuna feels about his adopted family is that, I’m sure, he has grown to love them. I think he’s still a bit afraid of Okonkwo, though. I would be scared of Okonkwo too. When the book calls him “ill-fated” I think something bad will happen to him. I think that something will happen that he will come out deformed or crippled. I think that he might be cast out of the village, or maybe Okonkwo will snap and hurt him, maybe even kill him. . . I think maybe he will be sent to his original village to kill everyone there and kill his own biological family. I have a lot of possible scenarios that could happen to Ikemefuna in the book. I think Ikemefuna will get lost and spend his life wandering the desert, get some terrible disease that kills him slowly, he become traumatized because of something terrible that has happened in his life time, get abducted by kidnappers who make kids kill random people, or even worse things.



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