4th 6 Weeks – Blog #2

What I think about Okonkwo so far is the he is very mean and strict. His resentment of his father makes him this way. Okonkwo needs to show more emotion towards his family, even if he thinks it’s weak. There is really no reason to be  this way, there’s nothing wrong with a little emotione, besides, his anger emotions are a sign of emotion. Anger could be proposed as weak, because that means he loses his temper easily and can flare up at any time. So, I think he is pretty much contradicting himself.

The week of peace is very important to the people in the book because it is a time of happiness among all the people to show mother nature or whatever her name is in the book that she should bless them with good fortune of a growing season and all that. If anyone is to break the week of peace, they must pay a price. Okonkwo had to give up money, slay a goat, and what not. Back before then, they would drag a person through the entire village and look upon the person with shame. Obviously, the week of peace must be very important if they use to go and do that.

I think something in the American society that is as important as the New Yam Festival is the Fourth of July. For both the New Yam Festival and the Fourth of July, they eat a lot of food, invite people to come over and eat, and joy is spread around.



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