New Semester

My performance last semester was alright, in my opinion. I passed every class for the semester, some scores better  than others. What I would change would be my grades, I wanted at least all 80’s but I got quite a few 70’s and such. My goals for this semester are to do even better than I did last semester, try to maintain at least 80’s in all my classes, do every assignment in each class, and maybe more goals as I finish this school year. I plan to meet those goals by sticking to them as best as possible and keeping an optimistic mind so that I don’t give up easily. I plan to not quit and to keep doing better every year. I want to attend summer classes to get through school faster and get credits earlier than expected. My overall plan for success? Well, I’m not really sure. I just want to make it through high school without failing for the year or fail too many classes. I haven’t really thought about anything else, except for what I want to be when I grow up, and even then I’m not really sure on what I want to be. I’m sure I’ll figure it out before my senior year comes. I still have two and a half more years to go, I think, at least. I know I can do this, I just have to figure out what it is that I want to do and what I can do.



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