Blog #4

What I know about a culture different than mine is that it is not the same as mine. What I know about Muslims is that they pray a lot of times a day and they don’t eat pigs. There are very religious ones and not so very religious ones. My friend isn’t the very religious kind of Muslim, but she still doesn’t eat pork. She thinks pork is gross, and pigs are dirty. Their god is named Allah. Sometimes they fast for a certain amount of time. They don’t eat during the day and then at sunset they eat as much as they want. Another culture I know that is different from mine are the nudest. They like to walk around naked. They even have their own reservations just like the Native Americans. Speaking of which, the Native Americans were once all over the Americas and then the Spaniards and English took their land, killed of many, and sent them to really terrible areas of America. Another culture are the Mayans. They use to worship many gods and sacrifice people and animals to them. They were a large civilization in the Americas, I think mainly in Mexico, though. This was far before any of our generation was born. The Incas were somewhat similar as well. The Incas used the stars to create a calendar that was very superior. It’s still being used today, but it ends in 2012, I think, if not then December 2011. I think it’s rather odd they went extinct, they were very advanced civilizations. I’m sure some other race went and killed them off or took them as captives and slaves.



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