Island Blog #2

After my group and I created the shelters, we came up with a few rules. The rules were few, but at least we put down some basic rules. Our rules were that we would have hunters and gatherers. The gatherers would gather berries everyday. We would switch off gatherers so that no one gets bored of doing the same thing everyday. The hunters would hunt for animals to kill and eat. Another rule was for us to never be alone, we always stayed in groups of two at least. We must always have clean water somewhere by the camp. Someone is to also tend to the fire and make sure it is always going. We must equally share food, no fights, and to never play around when there is serious matter at hand or you will be kicked out. Our last rule was to keep our area clean.

I think our most important rules are to stay in groups, to have people gathering food, always have water nearby, and to keep the fire going. Not everyone in our group worked equally and I’m rather upset. Everyone should be doing their part and if they don’t, they will be kicked out if they are to ever not do their share again. If I could motivate them to work harder in the future, maybe then they would work better. Some ways I could motivate them, possibly, is if I congratulate them with some special food, or they could get a day off. Of course, then no work would get done. Oh, well. I’ll figure this out soon enough.



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